I am on a small vacation this weekend to a summer resort. Therefore I am only answering email when I can and have time.


I will resume my usual work monday 🙂

Reformatting my server



I am reformatting my server. So it may be down for a couple of hours.



I will test MySecurityCenter in a couple of days and publish some results from it detection rates and usability.

Increasing internet connection speed


I just got a letter from my ISP who would tell me that sometimes on November, they will increase my internet connection speed from 30/30 mbit to 50/50 mbit. So that is great.

Harddrive is fragmentated


My harddrive currently suffers under a heavy fragmentation.

45% to be exact. Therefore, it will result in a higher load on my server, but be patient. It might take a week for it to get back on its feed. I am working on it right now.

And expect that sometime I will reboot my server. It has been up for almost 50 days straight with no reboot, so I will reboot it soon. I just need to find a time when the load is at its lowest.

Restricted terms for downloading malware from my server

Vacation, server crash and work

I had a period of 6 days work at another city here in DK and my server suddenly crashed – which resulted in some down time from my normal work.

I have rebooted it now and it is up and running. Please be aware it might take a long time to login on the uploader account as I am receiving a lot of files from BugPopper.

If anyone has any problems, please email me at – and I am sure we will sort things out.

Back home


After a lovely vacation I am back.

Starting to upload 2 GB malware. Soon I will upload a few GB more. 🙂



I will due to a one week vacation me offline for – 1 week, yeah.

I will check my email daily and respond to whatever I can.

My server is still running and will be, due to people uploading some great collections. I will be uploading them when I get back.

FSB Antivirus put to the test

I submitted FSB Antivirus to a test yesterday and I must admit I got a bit surprised.

Actually, it performed better in detection than a lot of the others vendors.

In the first sample collection FSB Antivirus did detect:

FSB AV 471/500 (94.2%)

And in the bigger sample collection:

FSB AV 2802/5000 (56.04%)

I am very impressed.